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*pokes community*

Posting a topic in case anyone decides to join...
Introduce yourself, then tell me about your favorite characters in Arthurian legend and your personal favorite movie and/or novel adaptations of the mythology (and why).

Example: I'm Sydney Lynne, 23 year old PhD student studying biochem (for now) in the Northeastern United States. Arthur is my favorite character because, hello, none of the legends would exist without him, plus I have the impression that he's this very golden, perfect, kingly personage who just inspires awe and devotion (at least when he's young). My favorite Arthurian novel is The Mists of Avalon because the intricacy of the writing is awesome and I love the idea of the priestesses of Avalon, even I don't totally agree with the interpretation of the characters. I tend to hate most Camelot movies becauase they're so incongrous with how I imagine the legends, especially the ones with old!Arthur and young!Guinevere, because that's just a lazy and false "reason" for Guinevere to fawn over Lancelot. *rolls eyes*

So, anyone out there?
*listens to crickets chirp*
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